Pre-1946 Figural

Vintage Premier Double Indent Teardrop Glass Christmas Ornament USA, Patriotic red white and blue War Era Ornament, 1940s

Vintage Premier USA Double Indent Teardrop War Era Glass Christmas Ornament, 1940s


1920s Antique German Ornament Snowman Holding Broom, Figural Christmas Ornament

Antique Figural Glass Ornament Goldilocks, Vintage German Christmas Ornament, Blonde Girl Fairy Tail Ornament, 1920s

Antique German Glass Ornament Goldilocks, Figural Girl Fairy Tail Christmas Ornament

Silver and gold antique Czech beaded christmas ornament, a 5 inch tall chandelier lamp with eight styles of glass beads, circa 1920s.

Czech Beaded Christmas Ornament, Vintage Glass Bead Chandelier Ornament, Silver Gold Beads

1930s large german deep floral indent mercury glass christmas ornament, silver with pink and green blush, excellent.

Early 1900s German Floral Indent Christmas Ornament, Large Pastel Silver Rose Glass Ornament

1900s German free blown lyre harp ornament with radial indent and scrap girl, copper colored with original cotton cord hanging loop, excellent

1900s Antique German Glass Indent Ornament Lyre with Scrap Girl, Victorian Free Blown Glass

1920s german figural glass ornament tall yellow floor lamp with hand painted floral shade, excellent

Antique German Glass Ornament Tall Floor Lamp, Vintage Large Figural Christmas Ornament, 1920s

1920s German figural glass ornament comic character Smitty, 4.5 inches tall with yellow pants and hat, excellent.

Antique Glass Christmas Ornament ‘Smitty’, 1920s Figural German Comic Strip Ornament

Very rare vintage German free blown christmas ornament black cat on a cottage rooftop with mica decoration, amazing condition, 1940s

Vintage German Cat on a House Double Free Blown Figural Glass Ornament RARE

Early 1900s pink glass wire wrapped basket hot air balloon christmas ornament with greenery and red berries, tinsel handle, Germany, excellent

1910s German Wire Wrapped Basket Glass Christmas Ornament, Pre-WWI Antique Ornament

antique large 6 inch german glass bird clip on ornament in patriotic colors red white blue, 1920s

1920s Antique German Clip On Bird Christmas Ornament, Patriotic Songbird Bumpy Glass Clip Bird

1900s Antique Large 7.5 inch German Clip On Bird Christmas Ornament, Cockatiel Parrot Blown Glass Clip Bird silver and green.

1900s Antique Large German Clip On Bird Christmas Ornament, Cockatiel Parrot Blown Glass Bird


Antique German Glass Christmas Ornament Girl in a Flower Basket, Pre 1946 Figural Glass Ornament, 1920s


1930s Japan Santa Christmas Ornament, Pre 1946 Figural Glass Ornaments


Vintage Shiny Brite Christmas Ornament, Pink Red Swirl Glass Ornament


1920s Czech Beaded Christmas Ornament Spider in Web, Vintage Glass Bead Spider Ornament


Antique Czech Bead Spider Christmas Ornament, Vintage Glass Beaded Christmas Ornament Spider in Web, 1920s


1900s Antique Glass Christmas Ornament Clown Germany, Figural Glass Diamond Clown Ornament, German Ornaments


1920s Antique German Clip On Ornament Girl with Folded Hands, Pre-1946 Figural Glass Christmas Ornaments


Vintage Parrot Clip On Ornament, German Mercury Glass Bird Christmas Ornament, Figural Glass Ornaments


Antique Clip Bird Ornament Germany 1920s, Large Multi Color Songbird Mercury Glass Clip On Bird Ornament, Vintage German Glass Bird Ornament


Antique Glass Swan Boat Christmas Ornament Germany 1900s, Large Wire Wrapped Glass Bird Ornament, Victorian Tinsel and Scrap Angel


Antique Glass Christmas Ornament Large Clown Germany 1920s, Vintage Figural Mercury Glass Diamond Clown Ornament, German Ornaments


Antique German Glass Ornament Cornucopia with Toys, Large Vintage Figural Mercury Glass Ornaments, 1920s


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