1880s Antique Tinsel and Paper Ornament Angels, Victorian Scrap Tinsel with Cellophane

Beautiful early German paper and tinsel ornament, a star shape with angels and cellophane accents, circa late 1880s.

This is an amazing antique Victorian Christmas ornament, featuring lovely high quality litho printing that the Germans are known for. The lovely crepe paper star is circled with a silver tinsel loop with tinsel sprays at the top and bottom The center holds the litho paper scrap which features an angel in a flowing blue robe with large wings. She is holding a palm branch, prophesizing Palm Sunday. There is a wonderful little putti (child angel) at her side, with a horn in her hand, proclaiming the birth of Jesus. Violet purple cellophane strips frame the top and bottom. It is finished with a cotton cord hanging loop.

It measures 6 inches tall by 6 inches wide and is in very good condition, especially considering its age at over 130 years old! The litho colors are vibrant and crisp. The lead tinsel is still sparkly with some minor oxidation, the purple cellophane is still bright. There is some minor creasing on a couple of the star tips, and a small bit of angel’s wing on the right side went missing decades ago. The star has some old blue wax drippings present, from a pre-electric light era when Christmas trees were lit only with candles!

Putti, in the ancient classical world of art, were winged infants that were believed to influence human lives. It’s amazing that these paper ornaments made it down to us today, preserved with loving care over decades and generations. A wonderful addition to any antique or Victorian ornament collection.

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