1890s Antique Glass Swan Boat Ornament, German Wire Wrapped Free Blown Glass Bird Ornament

Stunning antique free blown glass bird with paper angel Christmas ornament, in fabulous condition. It is a rare tinsel and wire wrapped swan boat in a tall 7 inch size. Circa early 1900s, Germany.

This is a very special and rare antique glass bird ornament, mouth blown and shaped with a paddle, not from a mold. A one of a kind treasure!

It is simply wonderful, featuring a large 5 inch wide white body accented with pale turquoise. The point tip of the beak still has the tiny ball of glass where the glass blower ended. Wow! It is wrapped in silver crinkle wire, with a long tinsel hanging loop wired to the body. The tail is comprised of a silver tinsel spray. A winged paper angel sits on its back, wearing a flower garland. She has so much fine detail as a full color chromo litho paper scrap.

It measures 7 inches tall to the top of the loop. It is in excellent antique condition free of chips, cracks, or breaks. There is some usual age related oxidation and a bit of minor paint loss. The paper scrap has a bend and the top looks trimmed, likely original and done when assembling this ornament over 120 years ago!

What an amazing and striking very early antique German wire wrapped swan boat with scrap rider ornament. A must have for any antique German or Victorian Christmas ornament collection. A thoughtful gift for the bird lover!

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Great gifts for the collector!


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