1920s Czech Beaded Christmas Ornament Spider in Web, Vintage Glass Bead Spider Ornament

Wonderful early 1920s Czechoslovakian beaded Christmas ornament, a delicate and complex glass beaded spider in her web!

Different shaped beads form this very intricate spider on a hexagon web. The spider is quite imposing with its large lime green abdomen and long legs. The green bead has an interesting embossed cross on the top. A silver bead makes the head and a tiny white bead finishes the tail end. The web is made of three rings of white tube beads strung in a hexagon shape. Pretty small ribbed double silver beads create the six web rays.  It measures 3.25 inches and is in very good antique condition. There is some minor oxidation with a couple of reddish rust spots.

Czech beads were often used in decorations and Christmas garlands. A cottage industry quickly grew, composing popular figural ornaments such as this one. True artistry and craftsmanship was needed to design and assemble them. They are quite desirable today. No Czech bead ornament collection is complete without one!

SIDE NOTE: From Robert Brenner, author and Christmas historian, “An interesting story relates there was a woman who had no money to decorate her tree, so the spiders wove pretty silver threads on her Christmas tree to cheer her. A story, but nonetheless, explains why a spider is associated with Christmas.”

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