1910s Free Blown Snake Serpent with Bumpy Head German Figural Glass Christmas Ornament

Fabulous very early antique free blown German glass ornament, the biblical snake with a large bumpy head and big eyes! Circa 1910s.

This is a harder to find antique German snake ornament. The snake has been a dominant Christian symbol since the mid 1800s when figural ornaments started to decorate the family Christmas trees. The presence of a snake (or serpent) on the tree relates to the biblical story of the Tree of Paradise.

It measures 5.5 inches long and features a bright gold twisted body which comes to a fine point. The head measures 1 x 3/4″ and has a series of vertical bumpy bands that wrap around the form. (Later versions have a smooth head, so this helps to date this piece.) It is finished with two large hand painted black eyes. This fine ornament was individually blown by mouth and hand shaped, not from a mold.

It is topped with its original Lauscha style metal cap. It is in excellent condition free of chips or cracks. The silvering is still very strong; there is a bit of paint loss. There is the usual oxidation on the pike end.

What a fabulous rare addition to your vintage antique figural Christmas ornament collection!

SIDE NOTE: Early German free blown ornaments like this are a bit rare due to the time consuming process. The ornament is free blown by the glassblower from a single tube of glass, using a paddle and then pulled by hand. The majority of figural glass decorations and ornaments were blown into a mold, so, this process is a real treat.

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