Antique German Clip On Bird Ornament 1900s, Multi Color Glass Songbird Christmas Ornament

Colorful antique German blown glass clip on bird Christmas ornament, pink and green over silver. Circa early 1900s.

The bird is highly sculptural with finely molded feather and wing details. The long pointed black beak tip still has the tiny ball of glass where the glass blower ended. Wow! The tail feathers are the original spun glass. The colorful bird features a lovely green back, bright pink-magenta belly, and black striped wing patches.

It measures 5.25 inches wide, beak tip to tail end. The blown glass body is 3.25 inches wide. The original spun glass tail and spring legs are intact. The large metal clip is fancy and ornate, with a gold flashed fan shape which is quite rare and indicative of its age. The spring legs are quite unique, comprised of one long spring which was bent into a “U” shape and inserted through two holes in the top clip plate. This is very rare, as usually there are two springs. This is another indication of the early age of this fine antique ornament. It is in excellent antique condition free of chips or cracks with a bare minimum of paint loss, the colors still bright and crisp. There is some usual oxidation on the tail end with some paint flaking.

What a beautiful early antique German songbird Christmas ornament, a fine addition to any antique German or bird Christmas ornament collection.

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