Antique Tinsel Wreath with Baby Christmas Ornament, Tinsel Paper Mâché Ornament, Baby First Christmas

Adorable hand painted molded paper baby bunting Christmas ornament, featuring a wonderful tinsel wreath with red ladybugs! Circa 1950s Czechoslovakia.

This is an excellent vintage Christmas ornament, featuring a sparkly silver tinsel wreath framing a darling blond haired baby in a bunting blanket. It is formed of molded paper mâché that gives it a 3D feel. The sweet hand painted face has so much detail with blue eyes and rosy cheeks. The sides of the wreath have two wonderful composite ladybugs, also hand painted. Ladybugs are the symbol of good luck in Europe and most of the world!

The hanging loop consists of a one inch glass tube bead that is connected to a wire loop at the top and bottom. It measures 4.25 inches wide and tall, not counting the bead hanging loop. The baby measures 2.75 inches tall. This ornament is in excellent condition, free of any damage, oxidation, or missing parts.

What a lovely ornament for baby’s first Christmas, to help new parents celebrate! A fabulous antique paper mâché tinsel ornament, in amazing condition considering its age at 70 years old!

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