RESERVED Bumpy Star Double Indent Glass Christmas Ornament Heidt USA, Premier American Glass Ornament, 1930s

Excellent hard to find double indent Heidt glass Christmas ornament In fabulous condition. American made patriotic ornament, circa late 1930s by the German ornament maker Heidt! These are often mistaken for USA Premier ornaments.

This ornament has a unique history. Many German ornament makers fled Germany during the war, and a man named Heidt arrived in New York and created his ornament company there. This is one such classic ornament that he created. He later returned to his homeland, and other USA manufacturer’s continued to make similar ornaments but with a shorter pike and different cap, often Premier. But, this one is definitely the very rare Heidt, and it is technically American although of German quality!

This double indent bumpy star is so beautiful with an all-over beaded or bumpy texture. The deeply molded six-pointed star indents appear on both sides. It is a lovely and rare aqua blue color. (Cobalt blue ornaments are more common.)

It measures 3 inches tall to the top of the cap and 2.25 inches wide. The pike is intact and is topped with the classic Heidt sawtooth cap. It is in excellent vintage condition free of chips or cracks with minor fading on one side.

This is a rare early USA glass Christmas ornament, a great addition to any American or patriotic ornament collection. A must have for the rare Heidt collector!

And, we have another amazing vintage Heidt Christmas ornament, very hard to find antique large double indent silver pine cone

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