Vintage Diorama Christmas Ornament Spun Cotton Snowman, Handmade Indent Goose Egg Ornament

This is a very unique vintage snowman jeweled egg diorama ornament, his body assembled with silver mercury glass beads. We’ve not seen one made quite like this. Excellent!

This finely crafted vintage genuine goose egg Christmas ornament is fabulous, with sparkly jewels and beads that adorn the outside and a very rare mercury glass snowman on the inside! He has a spun cotton head with a sweet, hand painted face. His shiny body is made with two sizes of silver mercury glass beads and his hands are red beads. You rarely see old mercury glass beads in these vintage diorama ornaments. He wears a black top hat made of paper and chenille, and stands on snow which is made of a small piece of white styrofoam.

The ivory color egg is painted sky blue on the inside to indicate the outdoors, complementing the styrofoam snow. The outside is elaborately decorated with jewels and trims. The opening is rimmed in vintage gold metallic curly-q picot trim. Two additional rows of gold picot adorn the back which features two rows of alternating ruby red and emerald green faceted jewel beads. It is finished with one large faceted red diamond bead in the center. Wow! The top is finished with its gold hanging loop. This rare vintage mercury glass spun cotton snowman goose egg diorama Christmas ornament measures 2.5 inches tall, not including the loop. It is in absolutely perfect, mint condition, which is amazing for its age and extremely fragile nature.

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